Agora Systems Announces Booth Giveaways for 2021 NECA Show

The 2021 NECA Show in Nashville, Tennessee is going to be the best yet. Agora, a NECA Ambassador partner, will be giving away free alcoholic beverages and the chance to win a 92-can YETI cooler at Booth #1544! Swing by, meet our team, and learn how Agora is helping NECA contractors across the country reduce their time spent managing materials in the office by 75% and in the field by 38%.

More about Agora:

Agora’s platform allows field teams to create and submit requisitions from their mobile devices using an Amazon-like ordering application with a catalog of 300,000+ electrical materials. Requisitions are delivered digitally and instantaneously to office teams who can convert the requests into purchase orders and submit them to their supplier of choice within a minute. Purchase order information automatically syncs with accounting systems keeping records accurate and up-to-date. IEC contractors using Agora across the country have on average reduced the time their field teams spend on managing materials by 38% and reduced the time their office teams spend processing POs by 75%.

save each foreman 12 hours per Month

managing materials in the field

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