Gonzales Commercial Electric Uses Agora to Reduce Office Overhead Costs Spent Managing Materials

Gonzales Commercial Electric has chosen Agora to automate its purchasing process. Since using Agora, GCE has experienced a 50% decrease in time spent processing purchase orders - from 30-minutes per PO to 15-minutes per PO.

Texas-based electrical contractor achieves significant cost savings with automated field requisitions and purchase orders.

SAN FRANCISCO, April 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Agora Systems today announced that Gonzales Commercial Electric is using Agora's purchasing platform to automate their purchasing process and reduce office overhead. Leveraging Agora's integration with ComputerEase, Gonzales Commercial Electric is able to receive requisitions from the field digitally, send purchase orders to vendors instantly, and auto-sync the information into their accounting system in a matter of clicks, resulting in a 50% gain in order processing efficiency.

"Agora has enabled our purchasing team to spend 50% less time on processing purchase orders."

"We knew we needed to automate field requisitions and the purchasing process, which is why we chose Agora," said Jose Alaniz, a purchaser at Gonzales Commercial Electric. "Agora has enabled our purchasing team to spend 50% less time on processing purchase orders. From 20-30 minutes per PO to 10-15 minutes per PO. The software has been a game changer."

Agora streamlines materials purchasing by bringing together the field, office, and warehouse teams, as well as their vendors onto one digital platform. With a streamlined supply chain that automates the process of purchasing and tracking materials, electrical contractors cut time wasted on managing materials both in the field and the office. Keeping projects on track and under budget becomes simpler with the ability to track orders and deliveries in real-time.

"We've seen industries of all types adopt technology to increase efficiency and productivity. The same should be true for construction and electrical contractors," said Maria Rioumine, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Agora Systems. "We're excited to partner with Gonzales Commercial Electric and enable their teams to streamline their purchasing process and support their business growth and scalability."

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