D&S Electrical gets materials to the jobsite 70% faster using Agora.

The Problem:

Materials procurement was a bottleneck causing delays and cost overruns.

D&S Electrical could no longer ignore the elephant in the room - they needed a better way to get materials to the site.

Without a digitized procurement system to connect order data from the field to the office to vendors, material ordering was a cumbersome process. The field team hand-wrote requisitions and physically delivered them to the office where the purchasing manager had to retype them. This created a bottleneck, says owner Dan Harrison. “The amount of time it took to [re-type the orders], with the quantity of requisitions and the volume of work we were doing, it would cause severe delays of material getting to the jobsite.” This not only frustrated the purchasing manager, but also delayed the job completion and forced the field team to work extra hours at the end of the job - right when things were supposed to be winding down.

It was also difficult for the office to track order receipts because, according to Dan, “The guys were just putting the receiving tickets into an envelope that got delivered to the office once a week. When we got a week’s worth of information for 10 jobs, we had so many bottlenecks.” The office didn’t have visibility into the delivery status and the field team didn’t have visibility into the order status. “The only time we knew there was a problem was when the man in the field was calling the office, asking ‘where’s my stuff?’’’

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The Solution:

Agora removes procurement bottlenecks and reduces delays.

D&S knew they needed to eliminate the procurement bottlenecks and improve visibility across the field and office in order to avoid schedule delays and labor overruns on the job. They implemented Agora to streamline the process. Now, orders from the field come in digitally through Agora, where the office can directly convert the requisition to an RFQ or PO with just a few clicks. The field team can also log deliveries to the site so the office is alerted to any issues right away. With Agora, Dan says, “We’re able to move [orders] through so much faster. We get these materials on site quickly. We don’t delay the work. The Agora system really allows us to be efficient.”

When materials get to the site on time, D&S Electrical can keep their projects on schedule and within budget - no more waiting around for materials to arrive, or leaving loose ends for the last minute. By streamlining the procurement process with Agora, D&S Electrical can process orders quicker and get the materials to the jobsite up to 70% faster.

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Key Agora App Features
  • Digital requisitions and POs
  • Delivery confirmations
  • Pre-approved materials lists
  • Streamlined materials quoting
  • Hold For Release tracking
  • Accounting system integration
The Results:

D&S Electrical gets materials to the jobsite 70% faster.

Reduced delays.

When the field team is able to get materials on site quickly, they can finish the work on time.

Fewer mistakes.

The office team no longer needs to wrangle or decipher handwritten orders to generate a PO.

Increased order visibility.

Foremen can get instant updates on their order status without having to call the office.

Quick PO processing.

The office team can review incoming orders and convert them to RFQs or POs with just a few clicks.

Real-time delivery updates.

If there’s an issue with a delivery, the field can submit digital delivery slips to the office in real-time, with attached photos.

Reduced data entry.

Requisitions are generated from the field and the order information is transmitted seamlessly to a PO and into the accounting system.

“The Agora system really allows us to be more efficient. It helps move the material from the order to the job site in a quick, efficient way. And it just saves us so much time.”

Dan Harrison
Owner, D&S Electrical Technologies
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