Einheit Electric Construction Co. Cut Their Purchasing Process by 50%.

The Problem:

An Inefficient materials management process increased office overhead costs.

Einheit Electric Construction Co. set out to find a modern system that could consolidate their purchasing process onto one collaborative platform.

Einheit Electric Construction Co. experienced tremendous growth over the past 7 years — from a team of 15 field employees to over 120. With business booming, scaling quickly became imperative but Einheit’s materials management and purchasing process remained fragmented, slow, and dependent on manual data entry. They needed a streamlined purchasing process to grow effectively and efficiently.

In the field, foremen were sending materials requisitions to the office via text, email, and spreadsheets. The lack of standardized processes resulted in incomplete or inaccurate requests. Purchasing managers had to organize requisitions coming from multiple sources, making it hard to interpret, organize, and convert into purchase orders or RFQs. It was taking roughly 30 minutes to process each PO and Einheit would skip quoting certain materials because of how inefficient the process was. With labor rates increasing over the years and materials prices skyrocketing, it added up to real dollars being lost.

Cleveland, OH
The Solution:

Streamlining the requisition, RFQ, and PO process with Agora.

Einheit Electric knew their processes had to become more organized and streamlined if they wanted to continue growing exponentially. “I wanted to make purchasing materials easier for my foremen, purchasing team, and project managers so they could do their jobs better,” Mraz said.

Einheit set out to find a modern system that could consolidate their purchasing process onto one collaborative platform. Agora did just that. With Agora, Einheit could manage quoting, purchase orders, requisitions from the field, buyouts, hold for releases, deliveries, accounting data, and communication with suppliers, all within one system. 

Einheit moved forward with implementing Agora with their office and field teams and the results have been a game changer for their business.

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Key Agora App Features
  • Digital requisitions and POs
  • Hold For Release tracking
  • Delivery confirmations
  • Accounting system integrations
  • Streamlined materials quoting
  • Pre-approved materials lists
The Results:

Einheit cut the time spent managing and purchasing materials by 50%.

Materials savings.

Digital requisitions submitted from the field via Agora’s mobile requisition app can now be converted into digital RFQs within seconds, allowing Einheit to quote more orders and find significant savings on materials.

Quick PO processing.

The office team can now complete each purchase order in under 15 minutes vs. the 30 minutes that processing took before Agora.

Reduced billing errors.

POs and job information are automatically synced between Agora and Einheit’s accounting system, keeping billing information up-to-date and accurate.

Trackable deliveries.

Field teams send digital delivery slips via the Agora jobsite app allowing office teams to confirm deliveries and reconcile them against POs and invoices.

Real-time order updates.

Mobile notifications update field teams on materials orders and statuses, removing the need for back-and-forth communication with the office.

Increased order visibility.

Project Managers can see materials purchased throughout a project, allowing them to better manage the project’s budget and schedule.

"Our project managers can now control the costs of materials and what’s being bought. It eliminates duplicating orders. It’s a more efficient process."

John Mraz
Owner, Einheit Electric Construction Co.
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