How RC Power uses Agora to scale company operations

The Problem:

Inefficient operations made it difficult to grow

When RC Power - a successful $10 million per year electrical contractor - started growing quickly, the team realized they had a problem scaling their operation. Not having the right materials process in place was making growth difficult.

The absence of a repeatable ordering process was a headache for PMs and accounting, but, the biggest complaint was from the field: they were not receiving materials that they had ordered reliably. Foremen lost hours on the job as a result.

Without checks and balances, accounting didn’t know if the supply house were charging the right amount for orders and had to confirm each invoice with a project manager. PMs were wasting time reviewing hundreds of invoices a month and it could take up to six months to pay bills.

San Jose, California
The Solution:

Improving operational efficiency with Agora

Armed with a roadmap designed in collaboration with the Agora team, RC Power began implementing Agora company-wide to ensure that every material order went through the platform.

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Key Agora App Features
  • Agora mobile app
  • Pre-approved materials list
  • RFQ issue and tracking
  • Picture feature for snapping pics of packing sheets
  • Accounting system integrations
The Results:

Consistency, Reliability and Transparency

Agora significantly improved operational efficiency across the field, office, and accounting department.

Easily track purchase requests

No more complaints about materials not getting ordered or received. The team uses the app to make and track purchase requests.

Complete visibility into materials management

RC Power is now able to identify and cut inefficiencies to save valuable dollars.

Confirm PO payments with confidence

The accounting team can confirm all dollars spent on equipment and material as all packing sheets are linked to every PO in Agora.

Complete payments faster

RC Power is able to pay their bills faster than ever since all ordering information lives within Agora. The number of invoices has been reduced to one or two per week.

100% adoption

All team leads who are ordering materials regularly from the field have adopted the Agora software.

Increased company morale

Team members know that ordering is in their hands - if an item doesn’t get ordered, the blame can’t be shifted. Team members - including PMs - take ownership of the entire ordering process.

"I champion Agora because it makes your company more scalable. If you don’t have a system already that tracks material ordering and streamlines the flow of requests from the field to the vendor, then you need one if you want to scale. You can’t do it with spreadsheets or emails anymore."

Thomas Wieglenda
Senior Project Manager
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