How W. Bradley Electric saves on field costs by streamlining office operations with Agora

The Problem:

Field workers were getting bogged down by materials management

For WBE, materials management was a clear area for improvement. Like most electrical contractors, WBE didn’t have a single system to handle materials – field request for materials, POs, warehouse logs, delivery receipts, invoices, and the processes to handle them were all siloed. As a result, there wasn’t an easy way to facilitate the communication and transparency. Field costs went up and WBE’s five purchasing agents spent 20% of their day manually entering purchase orders.

Novato, California
The Solution:

Streamlining requisitions and POs with Agora

Agora was the perfect solution for WBE. Using Agora’s Amazon-like mobile ordering application, WBE’s foremen now submit requisitions to purchasing agents digitally from the field. Purchasing agents convert the digital requisition into POs and send them electronically to vendors with just a few clicks. Requisitions, RFQs, POs, invoices, and delivery receipts can now be tracked digitally and in real-time.

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Key Agora App Features
  • Automating requests for quotes
  • Amazon-like field ordering mobile application
  • PO tracking
  • Visibility of orders across departments
The Results:

Consistency, Reliability and Tracking

Agora significantly improved operational efficiency across the field, the office, and accounting departments.

Easily track purchase requests

No more complaints about materials not getting ordered or received. The team uses the app to make and track purchase requests.

Complete payments faster

W. Bradley Electric is able to pay their bills faster than ever since all ordering information lives within Agora. The number of invoices has been reduced to one or two per week.

100% adoption

All team leads who are ordering materials regularly from the field have adopted the Agora software.

Complete visibility into materials management

W. Bradley Electric is now able to identify and cut inefficiencies to save valuable dollars.

Confirm PO payments with confidence

The accounting team can confirm all dollars spent on equipment and material as all packing sheets are linked to every PO in Agora.

Increased company morale

Team members know that ordering is in their hands - if an item doesn’t get ordered, the blame can’t be shifted. Team members - including PMs - take ownership of the entire ordering process.

“Agora gets that materials management is a field productivity issue. When I look around at construction technology, so little is being built with the specific needs of contractors like us in mind. No one else I spoke with regarding materials management seemed to fully understand that.”

Ken DeGraca
VP of Operations
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