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Top electrical contractors trust Agora to get their materials on site, on time, at the best price.
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Get the right materials on site in just a few clicks.

Keep your field and purchasing teams in sync.

Submit requisitions, process RFQs, issue POs, manage invoices - all in one place.

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Reduce manual data entry.

Smart search, predictive recommendations, checklists - free your team to focus on the things that matter most.

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No orders are ever lost or forgotten.

You’ll always know the status of your parts, POs, and deliveries across all your projects.

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Quick Field Orders

Lot PO Tracking

Live Field Alerts

Simple PO Management

Connect your supply chain.

Save time on the jobsite.

Quick requisitions, live order updates, and simplified check-ins reduce delivery errors and get ahead of backorders before they drive up labor costs.

Liberate your back office.

Create, send, & process POs in under 1 minute. Save your purchasing & accounting teams' time across 1000's of orders and meet more invoice deadlines.

Get more value from your vendors.

Analyze & leverage purchasing data across projects and vendors to get better pricing.
"Agora gets that materials management is a field productivity issue. When I look around at construction technology, so little is being built with the specific needs of contractors like us in mind."

Ken DeGraca - VP of Operations, WBE
Read more about how WBE is saving field time with Agora

Spend less time chasing down materials, and more time getting things done.

Your data at work.

We structure your messy purchasing data and make it searchable so you can actually use it.

Less paperwork.

Fewer PDFs and paper slips. Our platform securely stores your documents for maximum reliability and peace of mind.

Super easy to use.

Agora radically reduces the number of clicks needed to get anything done.
Learn how Agora can increase profits by 7% on your next project.

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