Shave labor hours off every project.

Top electrical contractors trust Agora to get their materials on site, on time, at the best price.
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Save at least 8 hours per month for every field foreman

Requisition, order status, and deliveries

The field’s materials needs in one easy-to-use application.

Find the parts you’re looking for

Select the parts you need without needing to type with our easy-to-use parts catalog.

Reduce office overhead

Create and send a PO in under 1 minute

Quickly process materials requests and generate new POs while eliminating rework between orders.

Easily manage requests for quote

Send an RFQ to multiple vendors with ease. Manage your RFQ process in one organized place.

Manage complex hold for release & lot POs

Easily maintain hold for release POs. Process and issue draw requests from the field and office in less than a minute.

Hold your field and vendors accountable

Control what your field teams order

Customized lists that encompass BOMs, job-specific materials, and warehouse commodities.

Never lose track of committed costs on your jobs

Review your expected spend, most-ordered parts, 
and order volumes across a project.

Save time tracking costs

Easily map orders to cost and phase completion throughout a project.

Easy integrations and auditability

Make accounting easier for your team

Agora automatically syncs with most systems so that you don't need to re-enter purchase orders into your software.

Pay invoices with confidence

Know if you got the materials you ordered at the correct price before you pay your invoices.

Transform your business

Save money on materials

Take percentage points off bottom line and increase margins across your projects.

Attract the next generation of talent

Your workforce is the most valuable asset in your business. Attract top talent by giving them the tools they will want to use.

Spotlight key areas for process improvement

Advanced analytics and tracking allows you to see where improvements can be made across your organization’s materials process.

Agora gets that materials management is a field productivity issue. When I look around at construction technology, so little is being built with the specific needs of contractors like us in mind.”

Ken DeGraca
VP of Operations, W. Bradley Electric


every year for each of your foremen

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Trusted by Electrical Contractors nationwide

Integrates with your accounting system

We work with you to make sure orders and costs are being accurately captured

Simple, stress-free software.

Data on-demand

We structure all of your procurement, vendor performance, and delivery data and make it accessible through powerful search, reporting, and visual dashboards.

Live support built in

Our support team is always ready to answer your questions directly in the app.

Custom deployments

We’ll get your whole team up and running however is best for you. We’ve done deployments to entire field teams as fast as one day.

Data cloud-based platform-demand

Our cloud-based platform can be accessed from anywhere, ensuring maximum reliability and peace of mind.

Enterprise-grade security

256-bit data encryption. Your data is safe with us.

Accounting system integration

We integrate with your accounting system so there’s no more need for manual data entry.

Works with all vendors